Sunday, 12 February 2012

Conference keynotes: now on YouTube

The University of Gloucestershire's Media team has now uploaded the keynote videos to YouTube, and the links given in Emily's previous post will soon cease to work.

1. Dr Monica Vilhauer (Roanoke College, USA): "The Game of Understanding: Dialogue-Play and Opening to the Other"

2. Prof. John Wall (Rutgers University, USA): "The Ontology of Play: What is Human Being from the Point of View of Childhood?"

3. Dr. Kevin Flint (Nottingham Trent University, UK): "Play as a Leading Activity in the Liminal Space of Plato’s Cave: Facing the Monstrous Arrivant in the Information Age"

4. Prof. Randolph Feezell (Creighton College, USA): "Approaches to Play and Its Significance for Sport and Life"

We hope you find these an enduring and valuable resource, as well as a memory of this unique event!

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